R. S . T H O M A S

E n c o u n t e r s   w i t h   R . S .

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The following are abstracts from the book Encounters with R.S., Edited by John Barnie, Foreword by Ali Anwar, Published by the H’mm Foundation
The Ornithologist-Poet as a Bird by Osi Rhys Osmond, contributing author

‘There was something of the raptor about R.S.Thomas and although the gift of physical flight had passed him by he was capable from his lofty metaphysical eminence of taking in the whole of Wales, and much beyond.’

‘It seems as though the birdwatcher becomes the watching bird; the hunting bird – the beak, feathers, wings, flight, freedom and containment, echo throughout his work. He begins in Manafon as a hawk, patrolling the bleak uplands, becomes a stalking harrier on the marshes and against the buttress of Foel Fawr at Eglwys-fach, stoops like a falcon from the sea-cliff parish of Aberdaron and becomes the majestic sea-eagle of Llŷn in the most productive creative home, the cottage at Rhiw where he lived until shortly before his death in 2000.’

In 2013, the centenary year of the birth of the poet I began working on a series of fairly large, mixed media works on paper – ‘graphic essays’ or ‘graphic psycho-geography’ is how I originally described this method of working; drawing, mapping, collaging, writing and layering past and present – examining the poetry, life and landscapes of R.S.Thomas. In order to do so, although I had met the poet on various occasions in the last twenty or so years of his life, I visited and revisited the three major parishes of his ministry as an Anglican clergyman, and his retirement cottage on the Llŷn. I made drawings, spoke to people, watched birds, studied the landscape and maps, wrote and took photographs.’

Encounters with R.S., published by The H’mm Foundation 2013…contributor   http://www.gwales.com/goto/biblio/en/9780992756000/?session_timeout=1